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While many theatre companies rely on traditional top-down models for receiving funds to generate ideas, we innovate more laterally.

We work alongside innovators in the arts, business and research to generate ideas together. In doing so, we hope to tell stories across multiple platforms that respond to the large range of issues, challenges and opportunities that  are the result of so many more of us living longer.

A co-partnership and commission-based model not only means that we can draw from each other’s resources to make possible projects that may seem impossible, it completely shifts the entire way of understanding our environment. We believe:

    1. Theatre and performance companies shouldn’t compete – there are far too many theatre companies with very few clear connectors for sharing resources – be it artistic or evaluative. While this is true for the UK, it is particularly the case in London. We need to build models for London-based sharing and take it upon ourselves to then connect our approaches with the regions.
    2. We should aim for rigour and sustainability in research – while many small to mid-sized theatre companies are receiving Research and Development (R&D) funding, this rarely informs anything but their future show, if that show is to occur at all. We need to share our research inquiries and outcomes and link with academic research centres to increase potential for sustainability.
    3. Performance-based projects are so much more than the performance – despite the increase in theatre for development and education companies (see Connections below for examples), there has been little uptake by the professional theatre industry to better design theatre-making processes as social and artistic outcomes in themselves. We design and evaluate theatre projects for their social, cultural, psychological and linguistic (not to be exhaustive) attributes. This particularly comes as a result of the increased needs for actors who are living longer, and an interest in finding best approaches to harness this in theatre practice.

ViSiBLE is somewhere between a social enterprise and a charity, a research platform and theatre company. Our flexibility and ability to manage multiple partnerships in the many languages (business, research, theatre etc.) that come as a result, means that we are an excellent starting point for visionary projects.

If you are interested in discussing a potential project, you can contact either Claire or Sonja by clicking here.

If you would like to support us financially, click here to donate, or send a cheque to:

Visible Theatre Ensemble
86 Etheldene Avenue
UK, N10 3QB

Arts Council and foundation support

We have been generously supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, particularly to strengthen structural and organisational aspects as we come into our fifth year of operation. 

The Arts Council England are also hugely supportive of ViSiBLE, funding each of our main projects since inception. The above postcard is an example of this: a drive by the Arts Council to promote Grants for the Arts, where they used our image as central to the campaign. 

Previous funding has been graciously accepted from Garfield Weston Foundation and Backstage Trust. 

Venue and theatre partners have included Diorama Arts Centre, Graeae and National Theatre Studio.


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Annie Firbank in rehearsals, Who Do We Think We Are? by Sonja Linden and Company, 2014. Photo © Nadia Otshudi

Donate to ViSiBLE with Give as you Live

This fantastic new service ‘Give as you Live’ allows us to shop for usual groceries and things, while donating part proceeds to UK charities. Believe it or not, but this is at zero extra cost for the consumer. Check out their site here and opt for ViSiBLE to literally give as you live! 

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