What is ViSiBLE?

Storytelling that responds to living longer

Now that we can expect to live 30 years longer than a century ago, and with a quarter of our population now aged 60 and over, we want to present stories that match this new reality.

We believe that informed conversations around issues of living longer are a cultural responsibility, to which storytelling in the form of theatre and performance can make an important contribution.

ViSiBLE is the only professional theatre company dedicated to creating new and provocative performance work, with and about older people.

We see ourselves as cultural mediators – mediating between those
who are currently in later life, those who for whom this is still a distant prospect, and those who are actively researching the issues thrown up by our increased longevity.

Photo: Actor Anne Firbank in rehearsals for Roundelay by Sonja Linden © ViSiBLE and Paul Robinson

What we do

Storytelling is at the heart of our work. We present stories from both the real and the imagined life through performance work that is interdisciplinary, intensely physical, and with rich and varied performance outcomes.

Through our work we aim to:

  • develop a nuanced, richer narrative about older age, encouraging younger people’s curiosity and interest in older age experience, knowledge and potential
  • boost visibility, confidence, social connection, recognition, and empowerment in our older audiences
  • create fulfilling roles and professional opportunities for older performers
  • inspire both the public in general and the theatre profession in particular  to relinquish stereo-typed views of older people, and in  so doing  pave the way for  more opportunities for older people in the workplace and beyond, creating a more inclusive society

ViSiBLE in the press

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