Who Do We Think We Are? by Sonja Linden & Company | Playtext

★★★★ “a beautifully crafted evening of unusual warmth and interest” – The Observer

“A beautiful production — there is an immediacy to the stories that is intoxicating” – Entertainment Focus

“This is an ensemble work in which every performance is magnificent and as a whole a wonderful accomplishment. Don’t miss it.” – British Theatre Guide

“You made age beautiful and something to value and celebrate. This play is of huge value and relevance to people of all ages.” – Bruce Nixon, Writer, National Theatre Studio

ISBN: 978-1-906582-89-0
Extent: 120 pages
Aurora Metro, October 2014

Who Do We Think We Are? by Sonja Linden and the ensemble

A play about history, identity and migration.

A kaleidoscope of stories about war, displacement, revolution and liberation taking us on an emotional journey across three continents. Based on the actor’s personal and family experiences, the stories interweave and overlap, exploring moments of joy, sadness and laughter set against key historical events over the last hundred years. Poignant, moving, funny, inspiring, this is the first piece of work created by the Visible, and a testament to the company’s interests in putting older performers and their rich lives centre stage.

Please email us at info@visible.org.uk to purchase a copy for £8.99



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