The Sleepless Ones (working title)

Currently in development is a new work by ViSiBLE exploring the challenges of sleeplessness in later age and increasingly at all ages

Sleep doctors have called it the silent epidemic, with 10% population now estimated as suffering from insomnia.

Writer Sonja Linden will work with Visible Associate Artist, acclaimed director Mike Alfreds, and an ensemble of distinguished older actors to co-create a piece of imaginative theatre exploring sleep, dreams and sleeplessness across a single night in the life of a number of characters.

Click here to learn more about Linden and Alfreds on the about page. 

Research for this new work is supported by the following distinguished sleep scientists:

The Sleepless Ones is currently exploring ideas through devising processes that are kindly supported by the Diorama Arts Centre, Regents Place, London. 

Professor Jim Horne

Sleep neuroscientist, Loughborough University

Professor Derk-Jan Dijk

Director of the Sleep Research Centre, University of Surrey

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