ViSiBLE is in the vanguard of a movement…

ViSiBLE is in a vanguard of a movement that represents older people in new roles on stage that reflect their roles in society as fully paid-up members of the human race, with the desires and dreams, frustrations and joys that characterise the lives of people of all ages. Recent increase in academic research in the field of ageing, coupled with the current extended life expectancy, has led to demands for a new narrative on age, one that presents older people in more diverse and positive ways.

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation: Transitions in Later Life strand 

‘We need a new language for ageing’

‘it is time to re-interpret and promote later life as an opportunity for growth.’ (Learning Seminar 2014)

The Age for No Retirement Forum

the importance of stories and storytelling cannot be emphasised enough in driving change towards an age positive and age neutral society.’

New Dynamics on Ageing

Older people need to be considered not as a race apart, saddled with stereotypical characteristics, but as individuals, with all the diversity that that implies. They are a very diverse group, spanning up to fifty years in age and diverse in every characteristic from ethnicity and family structure to educational attainment, sexual orientation and economic status to their health. Most people will one day become an ‘older person’ and form part of this cohort.’

Photo: Jerwood Studios, London © Denis Gilbert

In the wake of this current re-framing of age, strategies and models for positive ageing are emerging in organisations concerned with living longer.

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