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These series of podcasts were formed as part of our last major production and involved artist talks and panel-based provocations. ViSiBLE will begin the next podcasting season soon so signup to our newsletter for updates.

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Roundelay Prologue (ViSiBLE Shorts 002)

Clare Perkins in Roundelay by Sonja Linden, directed by Anna Ledwich and movement direction by Diane Alison-Mitchell

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A new, large-scale performance piece

Taking our inspiration from Australian company Brink Productions’ stunning work Memorial presented at the Barbican in September 2018, ViSiBLE VOiCES is working towards a large scale performance piece to be performed by professional actors and singers alongside choruses of older non-professionals.

The development period will begin in 2019 with the gathering of stories from a diverse section of older people drawn from community choirs and other organisations. Selected elements of this verbatim material will be woven into a text to be set to music at the second development stage in 2020. Themes and a structure for the work will be allowed to evolve in response to the material gathered.

The final work, to be produced in 2021, will be imbued with the life experiences, reflections, hopes, fears and dreams of a very broad cross-section of people aged between 55 and 95, with a view to communicating the diversity, challenges and richness of later life.

The work, which is currently conceived as a type of oratorio, is to be performed by a small team of professional artists supported by a large ‘chorus’ of between fifty and a hundred older volunteers, many of whom may have contributed to the text in the first stage of story gathering.

Helen Morse, cast and musicians in Brink Productions’ Memorial in Adelaide. Photo © Shane Reid.

Dinner with Judy Chicago

Inspired by Judy Chicagos’ iconic feminist work The Dinner Party, five women form a consciousness raising group in 1979

40 years later they meet up again for the first time, against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement. How far have they departed from the feminist values they espoused as young women? What did they really feel about each other then, and what revelations emerge now ? These are some of the undercurrents that threaten to become explosive when they revisit their former selves 40 years on.

The Dinner Party installation. Judy Chicago.

The Dinner Party Thursday night potluck, Santa Monica, Califormia. Photo courtesy of The Flower Archive.

For more information on The Dinner Party see The Brooklyn Museum.

Dinner with Judy Chicago is in development 2019, production 2020.

ViSiBLE’s Privacy Policy


ViSiBLE is committed to protecting your personal information. We also want to maintain the trust and confidence of every one of our audience members and supporters, as well as each visitor who uses the ViSiBLE website.Our Privacy Policy gives you detailed information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it and how we keep it secure.

Who We Are

ViSiBLE is a theatre producing company. We don’t have our own theatre, and instead presentperformances and events at other venues. We occasionally run our own box office for events, but most of the time tickets are booked through the box office systems of our venue partners. ViSiBLE’s activities are run by Visible Theatre Ensemble Ltd, a Registered Charity (1152307) and a Registered Company in England and Wales (08326327).

How we collect your personal information

We only collect the information that’s necessary to carry out our business, to provide the particular service you’ve requested and to keep you informed.

This includes:

  • Joining our mailing list
  • Attending an event
  • Registering for a course or requesting a project for your organisation
  • Responding to a survey or filling out a form
  • Making a donation
  • Applying for a job
  • Responding to online or email marketing
  • Visiting our website

We may from time to time email you for further information if we are required to update our records or for particular purposes. We will always tell you how we will use any further information received from you. 

If you are under 18, please ensure that you obtain your parent/guardian’s consent before you provide personal data to Fuel. Users without such consent are not allowed to provide Fuel with their personal information. 

The types of information we collect

We only collect the information that’s necessary to carry out our business, provide the particular service you’ve requested and to keep you informed.

When you create an account with us, register on our website or purchase tickets or other items from us online, by post or phone we need to collect information from you in order to provide the service you are requesting.
We may collect:

  • Prefix and name
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Date of birth, age, or age range
  • Contact phone number(s)
  • Payment card details. Please note, we will not hold payment information for any longer than it takes to process your transaction.
  • Delivery address(s)
  • Billing address 

Our website uses cookies to collect information about your online behaviour, preferences and settings, to help make the experience of using our website better and to personalise the service you receive from us – this means we will remember your previous visits and track the pages on our website that you visit.  This data is collected automatically but is aggregated and anonymised which means that we cannot identify you as an individual.  We use Google Analytics to audit this information regularly.  No personal information is stored or saved by our cookies.

We also use our website to enable visitors to sign up to our newsletters by providing us with their name and email address.  Submitting this information provides your consent for us to contact you with information about the company, forthcoming productions, events, training opportunities and fundraising appeals.  If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from our email list, there is an ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of every email.

Why we collect your personal information and how we use it

We only collect and process personal data when it’s necessary to carry out our business aims and deliver our charitable public benefit objectives. 

We may collect and process personal data to: 

  • Provide a service you have requested (eg booking a ticket).
  • Inform you of events or updates if you have asked us for this.
  • Contact you if we need to obtain or provide additional information
  • Keep a record of business-related communications.
  • Understand our audiences and their preferences better so that we can engage them in a deeper and more meaningful way, and also use this insight to help our case for support when submitting and evaluating funding applications. 

How we use this information

We use the information we collect from you in the following ways:

  • To send marketing communications using MailChimp and keep you up-to-date with news, performances, events and talks, and let you know about opportunities to engage with and support our work
  • To better understand your relationship with us (eg which performances and events you have attended) and your preferences
  • To understand how our audiences respond to marketing activity to ensure that it is well targeted and relevant
  • To develop anonymised data for analysis and reporting to stakeholders
  • To process Gift Aid claims

How we manage your personal data

ViSiBLE will never share, sell, rent or trade your personal information to any third parties for marketing purposes without your prior consent.  

We will ask for your consent to share personal information with like-minded organisations – eg those where you have seen ViSiBLE produced shows, or with those with whom we have have co-produced a show. 

Some of our service providers may have access to your data in order to perform services on our behalf – payment processing is a good example of this. We make sure anyone who provides a service for ViSiBLE enters into an agreement with us and meets our standards for data security. They will not use your data for anything other than the clearly defined purpose relating to the service that they are providing. 

There may be other instances when we are obliged to share personal data (for example, if required to do so by the ‘know your donor’ principles under charity law or a court order), or when requested by the police or a regulatory or government authority investigating illegal activities.

We will keep your information only for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this privacy notice and to fulfil our legal obligations. We will not keep more information than we need. The retention period will vary according to the purpose, for example if purchasing a ticket only, we will typically keep your data for up to ten years from the date of your last transaction.

From time to time we may screen our database against recognised data hygiene files such as the National Change of Address file to clean our database or correct inaccurate data. We may also update inaccurate data if the information is available. 

If you ask us to update your personal information we will do so.  

If you ask us to change how we process your personal data (eg to stop sending direct marketing communications to you, or to remove your details from our database) we will keep the minimum amount of information to confirm your identity and the nature of your request. 

How we protect your data

We are committed to protecting the information you choose to share with us and will not pass it on to third parties without your prior permission.  Your data is held securely, password protected and available only to members of staff who are responsible for contacting you.

How long we keep your data

We will keep your information only for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this privacy notice and to fulfil our legal obligations.  We will not keep more information than we need.

Updates or changes to our privacy policy

This notice was updated in October 2018.  Any changes we make to our policy to reflect future changes to regulation or legislation will be posted on this page and, where appropriate, you will be informed where we hold an appropriate email address for you.

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